10 places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali

Festivals light up our world and make us more connected to our culture and age-old traditions. Thus, everyone loves to celebrate festivals in their own unique way.

India is a land of rich culture and region-specific traditions; festivals become more special if you visit different locations and witness different customs. The best part is you will truly feel proud of being born as an Indian as each place will feel very warm and welcoming. Also, it is the best way to learn about different cultures. 

So, if you’re a curious soul, it’s time to pack your stuff and make your reservations! This time, you will be enjoying your festival season in different parts of India with people of different castes and religion.  

Here’s a list of 10 Places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali that must be a part of your travel bucket list during this festive season. So, let’s get started!

  • Ayodhya- For its Association with Divinity

Ayodhya is associated with Lord Rama who returned from 14 years of exile in the forest. Diwali is celebrated in the joy of his return, and this becomes the primary reason for mentioning this city on the top of our list.

This city is the most sacred and religious place known for its pristine glory and grandeur palaces, significant temples and ghats. It is the initial destination that strikes our mind when it comes to Diwali celebration.

Illuminated with the earthen candles all around, this city looks like the enlightened heavenly garden on earth. The backdrop of the black night with the moon absent and millions of candles lighted to fill the void makes a sight worth noticing.

The city of Lord Rama becomes a bustling tourist spot during Diwali with throngs of people landing here from every corner of the world.  The scenario of this religious countryside will make you all agog and super excited to visit this place once in a lifetime during Diwali.


“Dal Roti Ghar Di, Diwali Amritsar Di” defines how special is Amritsar’s Diwali in this holy city. Generally known for the famous Golden temple with the red fishes swimming in the freshwater lake surrounding the grand monument and waiting for a delicious bite of Kada Prashad, Amritsar becomes the next Diwali stop and the best among the 10 Places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali.

The festival of lights is celebrated in an awe-inspiring and splendid manner over here since 1619. While Hindus celebrate this festival in the ode of their heavenly God, Sikhs celebrate Diwali to mark the victory of their Guru and his beliefs.

The Golden tomb of the magnificent golden temple, when complimented with the spark of fireworks in the background, instils you with joy and happiness. Diwali’s true essence is experienced in this city of phulkari. 

  • Varanasi – For Ghats and Holy River

Banaras or Varanasi is considered as one of the most sacred and sanctified places for Hindus and Buddhists. In Banaras, Ganga is in her widest form. Visiting this holy place during Diwali will leave you spellbound and amazed.

Diwali is a daily celebration in Varanasi disguised as the world-famous Ganga Aarti. If you haven’t visited this city of food and Ganges yet, you are missing a lot.

The Ghats are filled with earthen lights and the religious chants by the priests complete the entire scenario. Another significance of Varanasi in terms of Diwali is the celebration of Dev Deepawali or the Diwali of Gods, making it one of the top 10 Places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali.

On this full moon night, all the angels and gods step down on earth, meet their divine sister Ganga and celebrate Diwali with her.


  • Jaipur – For the Magnificent Forts and Folk Art

This ancient city of magnificent palaces will give you a royal and kingly experience once you enter the gorgeous palaces in Rajasthan. Jaipur, also known as the pink city of India, is well-known for the intricate architectural designs, forts and Havelis that will make your jaw drop.

Also, every year during Diwali, the markets of Jaipur are decked up beautifully with lights attracting a crowd of visitors. Udaipur too hosts the famous light festival where the night sky is filled with lanterns. It is a sight to behold. Visiting the incredible Hawa Mahal is a must, from where you will be able to see the enthralling beauty of the whole city. 

The striking cultural heritage doesn’t stop here. You are yet to enjoy the amazing camel ride, the exotic Rajasthani dishes, folk dances, campfires under the stars as well as the unique Rajputana jewellery. The memories in Rajasthan will stay with you for a lifetime.

  • Kolkata – For its Food and Joy in Living

Kolkata is the city of joy where Diwali and Kali puja coincides. Goddess Kali is shown reverence by the detailed offerings of garlands, incense sticks, and animal sacrifices. 

The whole city gets brightened by the spark of the gleaming earthen lamps and wax candles.

It is that period of the year when the Bengalis overcome the post-Durga Puja hangover and dress up in their finest attire for the Kali Puja. They visit each other’s house carrying ‘mishti’ or sweets.    

You can always make a visit to this joyous city during Kali puja and have incredible fun by pandal hopping and visiting the other famous religious shrines like Dakshineswar Temple, Kalighat Temple, etc. 

  • Aurangabad – For the Intricate Cave Arts

Ajanta Caves
Housing around 28-30 Buddhist caves and shrines, the Ajanta and Ellora of Aurangabad hosts marvellous paintings and decorations carved out from rocky landscapes that are a sheer treat to the eyes.

If you visit Aurangabad during the festival of lights, you’ll feel as though you’re getting a warm welcome. All the houses are lit up with diyas, there are noises of firecrackers, and people greet each other with Diwali wishes and sweets.

It’s like you’re at home itself. The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and full traditional fervour in this city. Out of the 10 Places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali list, Aurangabad is considerably offbeat and offers heritage as well as a religious experience. 

  • Mysore – For the Breathtaking Palace and Southern Traditions

Mysore Palace
After having known the tradition followed in the north, east and west, it’s time to move to the southern part of our country.

Famous for the Mysore Palace, this city is known for its fascinating Diwali celebration. This place becomes a hot tourist destination as the festival of lights approaches.

Though this city is widely famous for Tipu Sultan and his achievements, Diwali is an inescapable festival that demolishes the boundary of religion. 

People from every walks of life congregate together to celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and full energy. The centre of attraction is undoubtedly the palace which is illuminated with billions of light, and the sight is breathtaking.

If you want to experience the festival of lights with the touch of subtle South-Indian tradition, Mysore is the ‘not to be’ missed Diwali destination.


  • Goa – For the Western Traditions and Naraka Chaturdasi Procession

 Goa is the most happening among the 10 Places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali as it provides a beautiful combination of lights, traditions and seashore. In Goa the commemoration and celebration of the festival start from Naraka Chaturdasi, it is the time of the season when everyone starts to adorn and embellish their windows and doors with colourful lanterns.

The locals build numerous large-sized Naraksuka statues all laden with dried grass and crackers and lit it up the following morning; this makes the celebration more appealing to view.

Taking a vacation to the city of beaches, lounges and casinos during Diwali month will leave you to astound.

  • Pushkar – For its Beautiful Landscape and Mesmerizing Desert

Pushkar city is a blend of hills, lakes, sand dunes, and forests all around the lake. One of the most important reasons to visit the oasis town is beauty and spirituality. 

Visiting this mesmerizing city during the festival of lighting will be a glorifying experience of the life that you will witness. All the 52 ghats will be filled with shining ‘Diyas’ (small lamp) and “Agarbattis’ (incense stick) will make the environment aromatic. 

In the Diwali season, you will speculate about Haveli Diwali where around 50,000 camels take part in the fair by getting dressed in colourful attires. 

Delhi – The Rich Capital of Traditions and Strong Relationships

 Many say that Delhi is a highly populated city, and this fact is undeniable. However, you also cannot deny the richness of traditions and cultures that you will find here. Along with this drawback, there is some goodness associated with it too. 

Eco-friendly lamps are the best gifts that this city has bestowed the entire country with no more pollution and smoke, just happiness, joy, lights and sweets. Diwali is the famous festival of this city and is celebrated wholeheartedly.

The story doesn’t end here because there are many more things in line. Bhaidooj is another beautiful festival that is celebrated in this city that breathes life into the relation of a brother and his sister who fasts for him the entire day. Many NGO’s like ‘Goonj’ have started noble initiative of spreading joy through sweets and clothes distribution to the underprivileged. They also encourage Delhiites to stop wasting money on cracker and instead donate to make Diwali happy for everyone.

Packed your bags yet?

Because I’m sure that the travel bug must have bitten you by now and you are ready to slip into your shoes and get going on a long vacation. Select your destination of choice from the 10 Places to visit in India to celebrate Diwali list and have a gala time with your folks. Get, set, go!

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