Spinach soup – full of nutrition & great taste!

Spinach soup is one such soup which though is very underrated, yet very tasty and makes one’s soul warm. It is very filling in the stomach and is beneficial to the gut. One who do not wish to eat spinach separately can try this recipe and I am sure they will change their opinion. It is rich in vitamins and low in calories. It helps in reducing weight as spinach has the quality to suppress hunger, one may replace butter with oil, if they are trying this for weight loss.

Preparation Time: 15 Mins

Serving: 2 people



Spinach    –      2 bunches

Butter       –    2 tablespoons

Onions    –    1 (medium) finely chopped

Garlic   –     3-4 finely chopped

Bay leaf    –   2

Milk      – 1 cup

Cream     –  2 teaspoon

Pepper  –      ½ teaspoon

Cornflour    – 2 teaspoon


  • Clean the spinach properly for two or three times and cut into pieces. Now take a pan and add butter. Let it melt.
  • Add the bay leaf, onions, garlic and saute. After 3-4 minutes, it turns aromatic. Now add spinach.
  • Cover the pan with lid and let it cook on medium flame.  Check after 5-6 minutes, it must shrink in size. This is when you know it is ready.
  • Turn off the flame and let it cool completely.
  • Transfer the sauteed spinach into a blender. Remove bay leaf.  Blend into fine paste.
  • Now, take the same pan and transfer the paste into it.
  • Add milk. Mix it well. Add salt. Stir continuously (or else the milk will break and the dish will be spoiled.)
  • Now add pepper.
  • Take a small bowl and add cornflour. Add water little by little and make this into a thick paste.
  • Add this to the soup. It thickens the consistency, if you want it to be thicker, add more of this paste to the soup. Stir well.
  • Add fresh cream at the end and cook for 2 minutes. Turn off the flame.
  • Transfer the soup to serving bowl and add cream to garnish.