India, the land of diversity houses many different traditions and food cultures. The spices, the ingredients, and the irresistible aroma of this country’s delicacy have enticed many voyagers worldwide.

Talking of the mouth-watering dishes, how can you overlook the spice loaded southern part of our country? South India is known for its alluring flavor, welcoming tradition, and its diversity in food.

Mentioned below are some appealing, detectable, taste bud pampering dishes that will force you to have a crunch of that tasty delicacy served on a banana leaf.

To know more, refer to the sections beneath and keep calm, for you will be drooling soon!

Dosa: Paper Crepes

Image Courtesy – Dosa Kitchen Restaurant (Christchurch)

Dosa is a revisionary brunch prepared and devoured by South Indians. A dosa is much like a crunchy and crusty thin griddle made ready from fermented rice batter. This savory does wonder when served with coconut meat dip and sambar.

There is a total of 22 variations of dosa. Masala dosa is wadded and stuffed with hot and spicy mashed potatoes.

Plain dosa? As the name suggests ‘plain dosa,’ it is free of any stuffings; it’s just a flavorsome sheet of rice and black grams. Some current variants get inventive and innovative with cushioning of cheese and variegated vegetables.

The initial munch you take on that crispy sheet gives you an instant heavenly feel. This delighting dish is best when ingested hot.

Meduvada: Salty Doughnuts



Image Courtesy – Smitha Vinod

This crispy fried doughnut has held a legacy for years now. The rich aroma and the sight of it gliding into the oil pot make sure that you keep your eyes on it until the process stops.

The coconut chutney enriched with the sweet and chilly flavor of coconut and chilly pops your taste buds and makes you ask for more.

As soon as you enter any south Indian restaurant, the crunch of its outer layer invites in you, and the green banana leaf decorated with the brown crispy vada accompanied with the white coconut chutney makes the perfect combination to soothe your eyes….oh! I smell it already!!!

Bisi Bele Bath: Flavored Polenta

Image Courtesy – Desi Delectable (Instagram)

Bisi bele bath is a conventional dish most popular in Karnataka, which is short nearly in every Kannadiga’s household.

Bisi bele bath deserves limelight for the aroma and ochre tint that it holds. The exceptional spice blending gives an ample depth and relishes to the dish.

The sweet fragrance of the shallow fried veggies drenched into ghee flies in the nose, after being added rice and pulse will make you drool out of your chin. Having a spoon of this dish would do complete justice to your taste buds.

Idli: Rice Cakes

What’s that round-shaped, ivory-colored tempting thing resting on the platter? They are the rice cakes popularly known as idli not just in Southern India but worldwide.

If there’s any crown of glory for the dishes on this planet, then it would certainly go to idli.

This soft, spongy, and fluffy idlis, when served with rich and thick coconut palm chutney and spicy sambar overloaded with a variety of veggies, make a deadly combination and will blow your mouth with its mind-boggling flavor.

The serving of the dish on a pea-green banana leaflet itself makes it so enticing that you won’t be able to resist yourself.

Hyderabadi Biryani: Meat Pulao


Image Courtesy – Spoons of Flavor (Instagram)

The universal Biryani is found in every part of India in different varieties like Hyderabadi Biryani, Kerela’s Thalassery biryani, and Bhatkandi biryani, famous in Karnataka and many more.

Biryani is generally made in an exceptional utensil known as deg and more ideally on a potbelly stove. It’s one of the secrets of preparing biryani.

While this South Indian dish is devoured in the whole world, Hyderabadi Biryani, on the other hand, is a complete emotion.

Hyderabadi biryani, when cooked in copper deg, the scent of the herbs and meat chunks is so inviting and enticing at the same time. It gets hard to hold back yourself when served with a bowl full of biryani.

Puttu: Eatable Log

Image Courtesy – Ranju’s Homemade (Instagram)

Puttu is a Keralite dish; it is a chief dish enjoyed in each corner of South India. This dish is as soft as idli to bite. Puttu, in general, is steamed rice and coconut meat log, which is prepared in bamboo logs that give it a captivating aroma.

It is served with Kalada curry, adds a splendid look and taste to your platter, and will set your mouth filled with water. Puttu is also served with banana and some sugar sprinkled on it, which further enhances the dish and offers a flattened taste to your buds.

Malabar Parotta with Kerela Mutton Curry: Paratha with meat

Malabar Parotta and Kerala Mutton Curry

Image Courtesy: @mkr_foods (Instagram) & Whisk Affair

Are you worn out from trying vegetarian delicacies? Try your tongue and jaws on some sizzling Keralan meats.

Malabar parottas are crackling, layered parathas, and Keralan Mutton Curry is a wonderfully spicy and appetizing savory made of Mutton chunks and prepared with black pepper and chilies coconut, and spices.

The spices and chilies used in preparing the dish will set your mouth watering and eyes teary.

Oh! I can already feel the crisp of the paratha and softness of the meat in between my teeth. I can assure you once eaten; you won’t miss a single chance of having it frequently.

Uttapam : Pan Pizza Hybrid


Image Courtesy – @thezitherist (Instagram)

Is that a pizza or a pancake lying on the plate? No, wait, it’s an uttapam, look-alike of pizza. It is a white pan pizza with the toppings of fresh tomatoes, crunchy onions with a touch of hotness coming through the green chilies.

With every single bite, you can feel the bursts of taste and the cool flavor of the chutney to pacify the burning flavor, if any. This hot and yummy uttapam tastes super great when served with chutneys or pickles.

This legacy from the south Indian households inspired many to come up with different versions of it, giving it a splash of their flavors.

Curd Rice

Curd Rice

Image Courtesy: Karan Food Fanatic (Instagram)

Rice is a mandatory staple food consumed by the South Indians. Rice or Annam is specified as a divinely or saintly connotation majorly prepared during auspicious events.

The recipe is so amazing that you won’t regret a single bite. It’s quite surprising to see two simple components, rice, and curd to combine into a delicious dish. The dish is furnished well with cashews and other nuts Rick in protein and fiber.

I can assure you, once relished the special sensational dish of rice curd, you won’t be enjoying any other dish more than this South Indian cuisine.

Pesarattu : Green Gram Crepes


Image Courtesy: @yummilecious (Instagram)

Pesarattu, a South Indian dish, is Andhra cuisine mainly devoured in breakfast. It is a paper crepe prepared with chilies, green grams, and cumin.

This dish is much more like dosa crepe, crusty, and munchy to bite. It’s a quick and healthy dish to have at breakfast.

Hot green gram pesarattu served with chili flavored coconut meat chutney bursts out your taste buds, which amazingly delights you. The same pesarattu ladened with chopped onions and 1 teaspoon ghee poured on to enriches the flavor, and you won’t stop drooling.

Final words

By now, you must have seen the rich diversity of food in the southern part of India, which is inviting and comforting. The dishes loaded with flavors are nowhere to be found, and that is what instigates you to land on this divine land and relish it.

Hence, to taste the flavor of this country, make sure that you make a trip and savor these dishes until the single bite finds its way into your mouth.